Our Plan for Exceptional Service

KWAOR’s Mission

We provide resources and support that enable our members to maintain high standards of integrity, knowledge and professionalism.  As REALTORS®, we protect the public’s right to own, transfer and use real property through community involvement and public awareness.

KWAOR’s Vision

To  make a positive impact in the communities where we live and work.

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KWAOR’S communications positively resonate with its members and the public they serve.

Members clearly understand and appreciate the value they receive from KWAOR’s programs, products and services.
The public views REALTORS® as valuable members of the community, a source of reliable and accurate information, as advocates for private property rights and as essential advisors in their real estate transactions.
KWAOR utilizes all effective modes of delivery to communicate with its target audiences.

Government Affairs and Community Outreach

KWAOR is committed to protecting private property rights, strengthening our communities and supporting a healthy business environment.

KWAOR’s public policy efforts foster a sustained and unified voice on a local, state, and national level when advocating for private property rights
The public views REALTORS® of KWAOR as essential partners to strengthen our communities and maintain a healthy business environment.

Professional Development

KWAOR provides professional development opportunities, including continuing education that exceeds member expectations, business specialty interests and areas of competency.

Professional development focuses on target audiences.
KWAOR provides its members with advanced courses and skill training including continuing education.
KWAOR provides professional development by means of varied delivery options.
KWAOR supports the enforcement of the Code of Ethics.

Governance and Operations

KWAOR is committed to be an organization that supports and creates quality opportunities for all its members.

KWAOR’s organizational structure promotes the principles of diversity within the membership.
KWAOR has a finance committee, identified in the Bylaws, comprised of qualified and competent finance-oriented professionals that focus their efforts on funding the Strategic Plan and providing fiscal responsibility.
Through the efforts and leadership of our CEO, KWAOR’s highly trained staff is positioned to manage effectively the business of the Association.
KWAOR maintains the necessary governing documents for both the organization and members to protect the interests of the business.

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